Party Mama……..

Today we celebrated my twin boys 10th birthday. They invited their school mates around for an afternoon of science fun – think home-made snow and mentos and diet soda experiments! (I will be adding a more detailed post soon with all the details and photos)

The guests have all left, the crumbs are all vacuumed up, and the pieces of burst balloons are all in the bin – mama is sitting on the couch with her tired achy feet up and the boys are sitting on the floor surrounded by their birthday gifts.

It’s times like these that you really sit back and reflect on your life – we have our “moments” (just last night I crumbled under the stress of working, planning a party, Christmas etc and burst into tears) but when it’s all done been said and done I am continually amazed at the support, love and caring that is around us.

As I said earlier I will be putting together a post dedicated to the “junior science” party, my sister was chief photographer so I need to get the photos off her – but I look forward to sharing our ideas, and hopefully helping to add some inspiration to your future party!
Dishes are calling, and there is still a slice or two of cake to gobble up 🙂


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