Olivia’s Sunflower & the boys container garden

A little while ago we attended a family event where a goody bag was given out when you entered the event, along with the usual items – balloons, lollipops and million brochures that get tossed the moment you are home – was a small packet of sunflower seeds. My little miss Olivia was drawn to the little silver bag with pretty flower pictures immediately, they instantly became “my yellow flowers” and the daily plead of please can we grow them started.

Last Sunday the boys embarked on their own wee container garden (more about that later), and Olivia dragged out her packet of seeds and in a way that only a 3 year old can, told me sweetly that it was her turn to plant seeds. So I sent her off for a hunt to find any discarded seed containers that she could use – I told her the more she could find the more she could plant (I also figured that this increased the chance of at least one growing, thus avoiding complete disappointment). After a few minutes she came back with 5 pottles, an old plastic tray (to use as a “saucer” for the pottles), her packet of seeds and the worlds biggest grin.

So we began filling the pottles with potting mix (and this is the downside of being a single parent family, there are NO photos of any of it as we all had grubby, potting mix covered hands 😦 ), they were then placed neatly onto their “saucer”, then ensued plenty of giggles as I asked Olivia to poke a small hole with her finger into each of the pottles (apparently this is a hilarious request!) and then the careful placing of each seed into each hole. We carefully covered and then watered them all (along with the wonderful container garden the boys had planted).

Planting Day

Each day since we have carefully watered the seeds, and then tonight (1 week since planting) we noticed something exciting………

Our very first sunflower seedling has popped through the soil the bask in the glorious sun – needless to say bedtime was a little later tonight as wee miss was very very very very very (you get the idea) excited, and had to keep looking and checking on her sunflower baby – taking care to brush off the tiny specks of dirt that were on it.

So while wee miss has been busy growing sunflowers, her big brothers have also been busy with their own garden – a container garden.
It started off just a couple of small containers (with some cheap seedlings from the warehouse) but it has grown!!!!

This isn’t the best photo but here it is (there are also several egg cartons not in the photo which they are trying to raise some seedlings in)

There are 2 types of lettuce (Cos and Buttercrunch), Rocket, spring onions, sweet basil, money maker & small fry tomatoes, radishes (the kids are plucking them and eating them straight from the pot!), apple cucumber, coriander, chives, capsicums, sugar snaps (which are getting eaten by the kids as fast as they are growing) and scarlet runner beans.

The boys water their gardens each morning before school, and each evening before bed. They started trying to grow some seedlings last week, so are eagerly checking for any signs of green trying to pop through – the packets have been kept handy so that they can refer to them for how long the germination period is for each seed, and tonight they informed me there are several that should make an appearance any day!

I don’t have much of a green finger, but my children seem to have picked up the passion for gardening from their Great Grandmother who can grow just about anything – so I am as excited as they are to see how the sunflowers grow, and to also start having salads that are home grown. They have all learnt so much from planting and caring for the garden, and they were all so excited when they get to taste the first radish/sugar snap/chive etc Growing a garden has definitely given us some lovely time together as a family, and has started many interesting Q&A sessions (thank goodness for google and the wealth of information the internet makes available).


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