Lazy days and letters

As a working mama sometimes on my days off all I want to do is, well nothing – every now and then I want a lazy day, a day to lounge around and just “chillax” on the couch with a book or watch a movie. 

My last day off was one of those days, in fact I didn’t even have the energy to go to the supermarket – I needed a lazy day. Lil miss had other ideas and she needed a “mama’s full attention” day, so we came up with a solution a “letters” day. For a long time lil miss has had a thing with letters, so a while ago we started a letter book for her, we only got a couple of pages started and then (like most 3 year olds) her interests changed and she didn’t want to know about it any more. Recently though her letter obsession has resurfaced, so we dragged out the book, the stickers, the printed letter pages and the glue and then we got to work.

(Alphabet sheet can be found here)

The first step was to glue in each letter of the alphabet (I printed out letters from this website)
As we did this we talked about the name of the letter, the sound and some common words (and family names) that started with the letter. While we were doing this we added stickers – as lil miss was placing each sticker I would repeat that information we had just talked about…………


Lil miss also had a go at writing some of the letters, but mostly she enjoyed sticking the stickers in and repeating all the words.

The final step was to find some pictures (again I used worksheets from this website) that started with the letters, and then finding the letter in words – we only did this for A as lil miss was beginning to wane by this point, but we are all set up to continue on, the next time we have a rainy day (or when mama just needs a lazy day!)


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