Cakes, cakes and even more cakes

While the kids have been away I have had far to much time on my hands, and have been having a trip down memory lane. I thought I would share with you some of the easier cakes I have made – the ones that look awesome, but the reality is they are oh so simple to create!

Everyone has seen the Kitkat & M&M cake Continue reading


Rest, Relaxation and a Summer Clean Out?

Earlier this week my children went on holiday with their Grandparents – which means that now that my working week is finished I have spare time, like real spare time, no kids, no commitments, nothing, zilch, nada!!! It’s an amazing feeling being able to come home and just sit down and not have 3 hungry mouths waiting for dinner, or piles of washing waiting to be washed/hung-out/folded. Continue reading

Family Outing with a difference

Everyone loves a good old fashion family outing, usually these revolve around fun things to do with the kids (the zoo, the park, a theme park, the beach etc) but every now and then it’s nice to “throw a curve ball” and having an outing with a difference. Continue reading

Easy Christmas card idea

The other day I was checking facebook (such a great time waster!) and I saw a post with a Christmas tree made from paper (check it out here). I thought it was a pretty cool idea, and so did lil miss when she came over to look (oh I may have gone “hmm that’s cool” out loud, which turned on the nosey switch in her 🙂 ), so together we decided to make our own version and turn it into a Christmas card for her Nana and Poppa. It was really easy, and both of us are pleased with the result. Continue reading

Christmas Cupcakes…….

A few weeks back when lil miss and I were doing the weekly grocery shop we spied some Christmas cupcake packs – 24 cupcake papers, and 24 cupcake picks in Christmas colours/themes – so I grabbed a couple of packs, after all school holidays were about to start and the kids would need a) feeding and b) entertaining – so why not cover both in one step *genius* Continue reading