Science themed 10th Birthday party

I love planning parties for my kids – they are so much fun, all the details, the games, the invites, the cakes, it all adds up to fun and while it can be stressful it is all made worthwhile to see that they have a fantastic day with their friends celebrating their birthdays.

This year I decided it would probably be the last “Mummy planned party” that my boys would have, they are turning 10 and growing up from being little kids who need and want their Mum to have heaps of input. So this year I decided we would go all out and have a blast for their last big party…… the ideas started getting thrown around, and this is where it gets hard with twins, one boy liked one idea and the other hated it *sigh* so far lots of talking and thinking we decided on the science theme.

Now I got to go into planning overdrive…….to get the ball rolling I started with the invites as they would set the tone for the whole party

After searching the internet for ideas and inspiration this is what we settled on. I really wanted to roll them up and pop them into test tubes, but couldn’t find plastic ones with a lid/cork at a reasonable prices so had to settle for just the paper invite.

After the invites were out all my attention went to experiments that we could do during the party. I again used the beaker design that I had done for the invites to write out the experiment instructions (we didn’t end up having time to do them all in the end)

Then the fun bit, the cakes –  I asked each boy what he wanted for his cake – one wanted a spider, the other a dirt pile with worms. Sounded easy after some of the other cakes I had attempted, but still resulted in a late night icing cakes…..but both boys were thrilled with the end results.
The cakes themselves were made from Simon Holst’s “Super Easy Chocolate Cake“, while the icing is a basic butter cream icing from Wilton.
To make the “dirt pile with worms” I made a 9in round cake, iced roughly with butter icing and them pressed chocolate cookie crumbs onto the icing (this is best done quickly before the icing has a chance to set). I had pre-made and frozen the cakes, so had to wait for it to defrost before I could make holes for the worms to be poked into.
The spider cake was also a 9in round cake, given a crumb coat to even out the bumps and then using a star tip I iced the rest with in the colour choice of Mr 9. The eyes were just white chocolate buttons with a dot of red writing icing on each of them. The legs were a headache – and I ended up dashing to the supermark on the morning of the party (on my way to work, yip I had to work the morning of the party!) to purchase liquorice logs, which I cut then using cut up tooth picks joined together and attached to the cake.

When the party guests arrived they were each handed their lab kit (it was made up of a “lab coat”, name tag and safety glasses)

Here are the birthday boys dressed ready to party

And of course the all important goodie bags – these contained a small toy, a small pack of mentos (to remind the kids of the diet soda & mentos experiment) and 2 chocolate eye balls (it was the most science related candy I could find!)

Along with doing the experiments, we also played a game of pass the parcel as requested by the birthday boys.
Because I ran out of time I didn’t have a chance to make the food science themed, not that I think the kids would have noticed anyway – they all had a blast doing the experiments, having afternoon tea and cake.

By the end of the day I was exhausted, the kids all went home happy and excited and I was left feeling like it had all been worth the hard work and stress!


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