Baking mad?!?!

So I just realised that the title of my blog says i’m a baking mad single mama, but I haven’t yet really blogged about baking!

I remember when I was growing up I loved baking – mostly things like microwave fudge, or deluxe fudge slice that required no cooking, hokey pokey and sherbet were both high on the list too! I also remember visiting a friend and we decided we should bake – hokey poke and Chocolate chip cookies…….both ended up on the front lawn for the birds to eat, not sure what went wrong exactly but I dear say it was mostly down to us going it alone!

Fast forward a few years and I was out flatting, baking was the last thing on my mind and I have to say that the baking tins didn’t get brought out again until my early twenty’s, and even then it was only boxed mixes. They turned out fine though and obviously reignited the passion that was laying dormant. Then I became a Mama, and baking was something I started doing with my boys – they loved to be in the kitchen with me and I loved to put on my “good housewife” hat. But the passion never really took off until I became a single mama – baking was as much a necessity as it was anything else. I needed to keep two growing boys bellies full and it needed to be done on a budget – so the baking was usually very basic, but definitely full of taste 🙂

One year Nestle ran a promotion where you purchased 3 (I think) items, sent in the barcodes and they sent you back a personalised cookbook. The muffin recipe in this has become my best friend – I use it for everything from it’s original form (Chocolate chip muffins), to double (or triple) chocolate muffins, savoury muffins (simply omit the sugar) to white chocolate and peach muffins. The best thing about the recipe was the it froze well, so I could make a huge batch and then bag and freeze them. In the morning popping them into the boys lunchboxes and by the time they wanted to eat them at school they were defrosted (and not soggy!) and just like fresh baking.

I have also found some wonderful recipes from other places, trademe has a recipe section on their message boards which has many wonderful, knowledgeable posters who post wonderful recipes for all sorts of goodies!

From my basic starting recipes I have ventured to the more complicated – custard tarts, rainbow cakes, jelly slice and even custom cakes. I love baking, and hope to continue doing it for a long time yet, although now that I am working it has definitely taken a back seat 😦 maybe the longer summer days will provide more time to try and get back into the kitchen!


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