Keeping an eye out for the silver lining

Last night was the hardest night as a Mum that i’ve had for a while – lil miss was struck with a bug that resulted in very little sleep from midnight until 6am. The end result is that today coffee has been my best friend.
Thankfully the sun has been shining today, and all the washing has been done, the house has been fully aired and any traces from last night wiped away (apart from my complete exhaustion but a good nights sleep will fix that 🙂 ). The heat today has resulted in lil miss losing the plot a couple of times (tired girl + hot girl = not good!) And her big brothers haven’t faired much better – long story short the heat has got to the kids today.
So the boys decided to drag out our old inflatable pool – my only words of advice to them were, put it somewhere flat and the hose isn’t going to reach – so they pumped up the pool, and started bucketing water in to it.
They have now spent the last 45 minutes having the best time, splashing, jumping, sliding and somehow filling the pool with about as much grass as there is water!

They have managed to turn what started off as a grumpy, horrible day into a backyard of fun and laughter (as I write this one of their friends has just arrived in the backyard to join them too!) Cooling off in the water has certainly cooled tempers and lifted spirits – bring on a fun, water filled summer



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