Rest, Relaxation and a Summer Clean Out?

Earlier this week my children went on holiday with their Grandparents – which means that now that my working week is finished I have spare time, like real spare time, no kids, no commitments, nothing, zilch, nada!!! It’s an amazing feeling being able to come home and just sit down and not have 3 hungry mouths waiting for dinner, or piles of washing waiting to be washed/hung-out/folded.
But now that I have spent the afternoon doing, well absolutely nothing, I am kind of, dear I say it, bored! I’ve painted my nails, i’ve done some reading, i’ve watched a movie and now I really have no idea what to do with myself. Thankfully it is evening, so my boredom will soon be turned into sleep (which will turn into a sleep-in, something of a myth in mothering circles!). And instead of wasting tomorrow in a state of nothing-ness and boredom, I have decided that I will “summer clean”. The kids have grown out of clothes, toys, books, there are household items that we no longer need/use just taking up space. So tomorrow I embark on project declutter, anything that is usable I intend to drop down to the salvation Army so that it can be used for good.

I am slightly torn as if whether or not I embark on the kids rooms, I think maybe it is better to leave that until they are home. Then we can talk about what will happen with their outgrown and/or unused items – this will also allow for a conversation about how some children don’t have the basics, let alone the luxury items that they have……definitely food for thought!


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