Cakes, cakes and even more cakes

While the kids have been away I have had far to much time on my hands, and have been having a trip down memory lane. I thought I would share with you some of the easier cakes I have made – the ones that look awesome, but the reality is they are oh so simple to create!

Everyone has seen the Kitkat & M&M cake that has been doing the rounds – chocolate lovers heaven! Cake surrounded with kitkats (or chocolate fingers) and then the top covered with m&m’s (or pebbles, skittles etc). My boys saw this cake and told me they HAD to have it for their birthday, so like a good mama I set about making it for them. I used my “signature” chocolate cake recipe, and then made a basic chocolate ganache to cover the top and side of the cake. It is really simple then to just stick the kitkats onto the side of the cake and secure with a ribbon, and tip in 2-3 packets of m&ms. The end result is a great looking cake – that everyone will admire!
I used my cake pop tray to make cake pop candle holders – blue candles for one boy and yellow candles for the other 😀

Speaking of cake pops, I also gave the polka dot cake a try……
First step was to make the polka dots – I used my normal chocolate cake recipe because I wanted something moist as it was going to be cooked twice and I simply omitted the cocoa. I decided on blue, green and red for my polka dots but you could use any colours you liked
Image Image

The next step was to cook the cakes (I did two layers). This involves arranging the polka dots into the cake tin, and then pouring a plain cake batter over the top of them. I used the Edmonds cookbook butter cake recipe, what I found was it wasn’t runny enough – next time I will add extra milk at the end to give it a runnier constancy, and I will make a bigger batch as there wasn’t quite enough batter……

After cooking the tops of the polka dots in the bottom layer were still poking through in places but a bit of icing fixed that (I used a plain vanilla buttercream)
Then add the top layer (which also had polka dots peeking through 😦 )
Add the icing to the top (for some reason I never took a photo of the completed cake), before finally slicing in
As you can see I was far to impatient, and the cakes weren’t fully cooled which meant the middle layer of icing melted! I loved the effect of the cake, and it is on my list of cakes to remake!!!

Cake pop tins are great for more than just cake pops too – we recently made frozen yoghurt pops, a super yummy, easy, healthy summer treat!

The last cake I want to share today was one that I made for my Dad’s birthday this year – I wanted to do something fun and yummy for him. So I went with a piñata cake.
Again I used my normal chocolate cake recipe (honestly people always comment on this cake, super easy to make too) and a basic chocolate ganache recipe.
Make 2 cakes the same diameter – the bottom cake you need to hollow out, the bigger the hollow the more lollies you can fit in, being carefully not to puncture the bottom of the cake, and full with lollies. You can use anything you like, I used pebbles. If possible I would recommend making the bottom cake deeper than the top layer. The top layer will just need to be levelled if it has developed a peak on the top, then turn upside down onto the bottom layer. This will leave you the nice smooth bottom of the cake to ice.
I find popping the cake into the freezer for 30mins or so makes icing a lot easier as the cake is less likely to leave crumbs, otherwise you can do a thin layer of icing known as a crumb layer, leave to set and then ice with the final layer.

All of these cakes were simple to make, yet look very affective when presented

Happy cake making 🙂


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