New Years resolutions?

Do you make them? If you make them do you stick to them? Why do you make them? Does starting a new year make it easier to stick to?

It seems as humans we are addicted to creating resolutions for ourselves each new year. They are usually things like giving up smoking, joining the gym, losing weight, learning how to cook etc. And i’m no different. Although I made mine before the new year, it was Dec 30th to be precise.
My resolution this year was to get healthier – not just to lose weight, but to have a whole body/mind overhaul – cleanse my life of the excesses (weight, baggage, general junk) and have a fresh start. So I joined a group, a support group, of like minded woman (and a couple of men) online. We share our ups and downs, our hints and ideas, recipes, exercise plans etc. It’s amazing what having the support of a dozen people who are going through the same thing as you can do for your spirits. The other thing I did was joined MyfitnessPal, a free website for tracking calories in (food diary) and out (exercise diary). You can record your measurements and weight as well, and even get reports on how your progress is going and where you could be in 5 weeks time if you stay on track!

I’m a couple of weeks in and have lost a few kilos already – I have lots to go but I have set my mind on a small goal and hope to be there by Easter this year. I am enjoying trying all sorts of interesting recipes, Tofu stir-fry was a hit with the kids on Thursday night, as were the Chilli Bean Falafels on Tuesday. Tomorrow night will be Roast chicken, and then Monday night I am trying another new recipe – Full of Beans Salad (served with left over Roast Chicken).

The next step is to add in some fitness, first off will be a walk along the Windows track in the Karangahake Gorge with the kids tomorrow afternoon. And I might even give Jillian Michaels 30 Shred another go too – it’s a fantastic work out but gosh it hurts the next day!!!!!


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