30 day fitness challenges

Last year there was a bit of a craze doing the rounds, the 30 day challenge. 
There are different ones, the main ones I have seen are based on Abs, Squats and Planks, but they all work on the same guidelines. One basic exercise or body area is targeted for a 30 days period (this includes rest days), you start at the bottom of the scale and over the 30 days work your way up to the top. An example is the squat challenge – Day 1 is 50 squats, on Day 30 you do 250 – sounds like a huge amount but from everything I have read, you do them in sets through out the day not all at once (heck my thighs hurt just thinking about that!!!!)
There are plenty of different links to these challenges, however one I have found that has them all in the same place is 30dayfitnesschallenges.com – they also have tutorials on how to do each one correctly, healthy recipes and news articles.

So what is the point of this post? Well tomorrow I am starting my first 30 day challenge……the 30 day squats challenge!


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