Day 3…….my legs hate me!

So I am 3 days into the 30 day squat challenge and my legs officially hate me!
Today was 60 squats, which I broken down into 3 sets of 20. Mentally I was able to push through no problems, but physically my legs were screaming at me to stop. I guess this is where the old saying “No pain, no gain” comes in to play.

I have been looking into the other 30 day challenges, and have set myself a goal. I want to have completed the squat, plank, ab and arm challenges by 24th March 2014.

So my time frame is going to look like this;
13th Jan – Start 30 day Squat Challenge
27th Jan – Start 30 day Plank Challenge
10th Feb – Finish 30 day Squat Challenge & Start 30 day Arm Challenge
24th Feb – Finish 30 day Plan Challenge & Start 30 day Ab Challenge
10th March – Finish 30 day Arm Challenge
24th March – Finish 30 day Ab Challenge

To all those who are doing 30 day challenges I hope it is going well 🙂
Tomorrow is a rest day, hopefully the weather holds and I get the chance to have a nice long walk to help loosen/relax my leg muscles


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