Happy Days……

So recently I have noticed on facebook a new trend – #100happydays.
My sister is doing it, my friends are doing it, even a couple of pages that I follow are doing it.

The basic idea is that if people look for something that makes them happy, each day for 100 days they become happier in general, simply because they are taking the time to look for happiness in their day.
The idea is a simple one, but one that according to the website 71% of people who tried to do it couldn’t do – the reason? time……imagine NOT having the time to be happy!!!!

Take the time and check out the website 100happydays.com, or search the hashtag (#100happydays) on facebook, twitter and instagram. If you can’t commit to taking the challenge, at least take the time to see what makes others happy – it can be as simple of a sleeping baby or having a slice of chocolate cake & coffee with your bff.

Life really is to short to not be happy!


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