Baking Day!

The plan for today was to take the kids for a drive to Waihi, do the Pit Rim walk then find a nice park to have a picnic lunch and a play…….that was until I looked at the weather forecast and it said possibly thunder

so instead we decided to have a quiet day at home. The kids have enjoyed the pool, lego, puzzles etc. I decided to get stuck into the kitchen and make some yummy goodies in the hope that tomorrow we will get to have our picnic!

I had been planning on making bacon and ham scrolls, but when I went to the supermarket they didn’t have any of the cut up bacon I was wanting – so I improvised and made chicken and cheese scrolls instead with an added twist!

Chicken and Cheese Scrolls
These are the easiest scrolls ever!

2 Cups Plain Flour
2 Cups Greek Yoghurt (I prefer Fresh n Fruity)
3 tsp baking powder (Or you could try using Self raising flour above)
Flour for dusting the bench/board
Grated Cheese
Chicken (or ham, bacon etc)
Plain garlic hummus (Other flavours would work too)

1- Combine ingredients into a bowl – mix until it is starting to come together.
2- Tip onto a floured bench and knead until it forms a nice ball (it can be sticky depending on which brand of yoghurt you use, so just add flour until it feels right). 
3- Using a rolling pin roll out into a square – remember not to roll it too thin as you need to be able to roll the scrolls.
4- Spread a thin layer of hummus on the base.
5- Scatter over the chicken and cheese.
6- Roll into a log
7- Slice into “rounds” that are about 2-3cm thick
8- Place into a greased or lined oven dish – You can either pack them in to that they are touching, but still with room to grow, or place them spaced out. Packing them with give a moister scrolls, spacing them with result in a crunchier scroll
9- Bake in the oven 200C for approx 15-20 minutes

 One of my boys made a comment after having his first scoll – “Mum I command you to make these scrolls again” Guess that means they were a hit!

Next on the list was a family favourite – chicken sausage rolls. A year or so ago I found the easiest recipe thanks to the 4 Ingredients facebook page. The recipe can for found here but it is really as simple as chicken mince, honey, carrot and I also add cheese, mixed together. And rolled in pastry.

After making 4 rolls (2 sheets of pastry) I still had some mixture left over, so turned them into mini chicken pies. These didn’t work as well as I had hoped – the pastry didn’t crisp as much as I had thought it would. But they were still yummy!


Finally I made a tray of mini ham & cheese quiche bites. I plan on making these for the kids lunch boxes and wanted to try them out (and make sure the kids would eat them!) before school went back.
There is no real recipe for these.
I took some sheets of pre-rolled puff pastry, and using a round cookie cutter cut out pastry circles. I pushed these into a mini muffin tin as these make perfect sized goodies for the kids. Then I sliced some shaved ham, and cut some little squares of cheese. Popped them into the pastry cases, and then filled with lightly beaten egg. Just like the mini chicken pies, they were baked in the oven at 200C for 15 minutes (remember that baking/cooking times will vary with different ovens)


Lil miss has just requested muffins too! I guess my baking day isn’t quite over yet – Chocolate and cranberry mini muffins coming up 🙂


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