Life’s a beach…..

The countdown to school starting is officially on, this is the last weekend before the big boyshead back to school. With the in mind I decided they really needed to make the most of it. This morning (while I was working) they were at the beach with their Grandmum, Aunty, sister and 2 cousins. From the stories I have heard, and the photos I was shown they all had a blast!
The kids enjoyed the water, playing on their boogie boards and having a splash, and the sand – building castles and digging holes. When I arrived to collect them just after lunchtime they all looked like they needed to head home for a “nana nap”. So this afternoon has so far been very subdued and quiet – lil miss has got herself comfortable lying on the couch watching a movie, and the boys are playing on the wii.


Tomorrow we are off for a family outing (with my parents and my sister and her two boys) to Bullswool Farm Park. The kids are all very much looking forward to it – so are Grandmum and Grandad! 


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