Last day out – countdown to school

Today was my last day with the kids before school goes back on Tuesday (good news is I only have to wait a couple of days before we get to hang out again thanks to Waitangi Day!)We spent the morning hanging out at Bullswool Farm – I love this place, it’s a park meets a petting zoo with views to die for!
Upon arrival lil miss (who had been a few months ago on a pre-school trip) headed straight off for the play area – the rest of us slowly followed.

We were greeted by Sue, the daughter of the farm owner, who is amazingly friendly and polite, and also very accommodating. So everyone was checked off and animal feed was purchased, toilet stops made (and refused by several members of the party) and finally we made our way out to the first area. It’s just a small courtyard off the main reception – but you could spend a long time there!
First of all there is the Flintstone car

And then the wooden aeroplane

Once you manage to drag the kids away from these, then the real fun starts – straight ahead is a paddock with miniature horses. You can not only feed them, but also pet and brush them too. Lil miss loved the miniature horses, she feed them, she petted them, she brushed them, she gazed at them, she brushed them some more, she loved them!

Across from the miniature horses there is a wee bunny – the kids were completely taken with her, they sat and hand fed her grass until she wouldn’t eat it any more (and even then I think they would have kept trying for as long as they could!)

There is also a game called “Eels and Ladders” which my boys tell me was just like a giant version of snakes and ladders laid out on the grass – we were going to explore this after lunch but by the time we had been around the farm park and had lunch it had been completely forgotten 😦 

Oh and did I mention the view?

So heading back through the reception area, we can out the other side and prepared to see the other animals – the chickens were making it clear that they were ready for visitors, and once the ducks cottoned on to the reason for all the noise they too made it known they were ready and waiting!
Then there was the kunekune pig – I can only assume he was a handsome fellow, he never actually took his head out of the pipe! The kunekune pig can bite (along with other animals) and so to save little fingers and lots of tears the farm park has been set up with “feeding pipes” to allow visitors to safely feed the animals that are likely to bite

In between the paddocks with pigs, ducks, chickens, cows, donkeys and llama is a childs paradise – there is a dirt bike track, a stage complete with drums, base and micophone, a goldmine including a bank to exchange your gold nuggets for cash, scarecrows to dress and a pretend horse to ride – total kiddy paradise!!!

After the kids had all had a play, we headed off to see the rest of the animals – there were more miniature horses


and sheep

Before we had climbed a wee hill and come to the look out – again more stunning views but the most exciting part? The play helicopter! The kids (ranging in age from 2 to 10 years) all have a blast playing in the helicopter.


By this stage lil miss was complaining that she was hungry……”Mum can we please go and get some food now” so we slowly trotted back down the hill, stopping to revisit some of the favourite animals – and to have another play on the toy drums.
Then we settled into the shade of the picnic area and enjoyed our picnic lunch. 
After lunch the kids had a bit more play time on the stepping stone, see-saws and bikes that were scattered around the picnic area before we headed off – by the time we arrived home 2 of my kids had had a sleep and the 3rd would have if we had driven a few more minutes!

Back at home it was time to check everything was ready and packed, clothes were washed, shoes, bottles and lunch boxes were where they should be. The countdown to school had started – one more day of leisure (which will be spent hanging out with their favourite Aunty) and then the big boys are back at school.
The holidays have gone so fast, and the kids have all had some amazing adventures along the way, and the last couple of days have sure been a wonderful way to wrap up the summer holidays!

If you want to check out bullswool farm further, then head to the website at the top of this post or head over to their facebook page. If you are in the area it really is worth checking out!


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