Home baking is it worth it?

I was presented with this question the other day, why bake when you can spend a couple of dollars at the supermarket and get a packet of plain biscuits?Hmmmm it does make you think – is it worth it to do home baking? Would you be better off just grabbing a couple of packets of plain biscuits?
For me the answer is yes it is worth home baking, and no I wouldn’t be better off just grabbing a couple of packets of plain biscuits.

Give the kids a couple of plain biscuits and a glass of milk as an afternoon snack and it is going to tide them over for a short time, give them a home made muffin or a filling oaty biscuit with a glass of milk and they will remain satisfied for much longer. So while the supermarket bought packet of biscuits may work out cheaper (I haven’t sat down and done the math) per unit, because the same fullness/satisfaction isn’t achieved you may actually end up spending more.
The other reason that I do home baking is that I can control what my kids are eating – I can limit the amount of sugar, oils, butter/margarine (or substitute for healthier alternatives) etc. I can also alter the recipes to make them dairy, egg or nut free if need be. 

So I guess when you are looking at the cost of home baking you need to take into consideration more than just the financial cost. Home baking also allows for brilliant bonding time with younger kids, and quality talking time with older kids (some how being in the kitchen means not having to look at each other, makes it easier for kids to open up). Also while you are filling the tins and tummies of the family, you are teaching your kids life skills, math skills, reading, science etc. Home baking isn’t simply about providing food for your family, the more you look into it the more benefits you are able to find.

This morning lil miss and I enjoyed another BIG baking session together – she loves stirring, and pouring/tipping ingredients in. She is also a gem when it comes to helping me keep count of how many cups/teaspoons/tablespoons I have put in. It has even been noted in her daycare book how wonderful she is in the kitchen, how apt she is at baking (Cue big proud mama smile 🙂 ).

This week the kids lunchboxes will once again be looking great – pizza scrolls (see recipe here – I just changed the hummus for tomato sauce and the chicken for ham), blueberry muffins (recipe here) and oat, raisin and choc chip cookies.


I am not the best cookie baker, so I am also a little worried about trying new recipes but had a craving for oat and raisin cookies! The recipe I used was from Baker Bettie and can be found here. I used all of the optional ingredients, as well as adding 1/3 cup of chocolate chips – just because. I made some large cookies for at home, and the rest I made using teaspoon sized balls.

These were seriously the BEST oat, raisin and chocolate chip cookies I have ever eaten! Not to soft and chewy, not to hard and crunchy – perfect and the kids agreed!
Only thing that made it better? A cold glass of milk……..

Happy home baking!



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