Can someone pause life please

Life has been crazy busy here the last few weeks.Between the kids getting back into school, and me doing extra hours at work I am not quite sure where February has gone!!!

When I started this blog it was because Family Times was running a competition, a blogging competition. The prize? The best Mummy and the best Daddy blogs each won a R54 Compact trampoline from Springfree Trampolines. Earlier this week I received a phone call from Rochelle at Family Times to confirm I was the winner of the best mummy blog prize – eek! Cue excited mama and uber excited kids. Then today I had the pleasure of dealing with Jonathon from Springfree to arrange delivery of the trampoline – he was so pleasant to deal with, and extremely excited about the whole affair!

So now we just need to wait a few days while the couriers work their magic, and fingers crossed next weekend my Dad will be at my house helping me set up the trampoline!

Remember one of the first posts I wrote about Olivia’s sunflowers? Well they have not been forgotten, they have been growing nicely and FINALLY we have been rewarded with a flower (the other 2 are just starting to show hints of yellow!!!)


From this on the 18th………
To this on the 21st……..

suffice to say that I have one very excited wee girl, who has been constantly checking her baby sunflower to ensure there are no ants or other bugs trying to hurt it!

Have a wonderful weekend!


2 thoughts on “Can someone pause life please

  1. Congrats on winning the FAMILY TIMES BLOG COMPETITION. I’ve just read all your blogs and they were interesting and fun reading. Your kids are lucky to have a mum that loves baking and I totally agree with you home baking trumps bought biscuits etc. at least you know exactly what your kids are eating. HAPPY TRAMPOLINING 🙂

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